Monday, March 23, 2009

Memory Board

I saw the memory board that Shannon made forever ago and have wanted to make one ever since I saw it! I tried to do it once on just a cardboard (hers is made with a wood frame and cardboard in the middle as backing), without the wood frame and it just didn't work. So, just recently I went to Joanns and bought a canvas with a wood frame and made one! I thought it turned out great and matches my house perfectly!

canvas with a wood frame or plywood
fabric (enough to cover the board and a few extra inches

-Take a canvas with a wood frame or plywood that is any shape you like
-Cut the batting and fabric to the size of your board or frame and leave an extra two inches all around so you can stable it to the back.
-place the batting (I used three pieces to make it padded) on a clean surface and staple it to the back. I know you can use a staple gun but I used a regular stapler which made it a little more tricky but it worked great!
-take the fabric and cover the front and staple it on the back, making sure the fabric is pulled tight as you go.
-Add the ribbon to whatever design you want. I did the typical criss-cross pattern. Start with an X that runs from one to corner to another. Staple the ribbon to the back. Then, measure your half way marks on the board and staple the ribbon from one half way point to the other. The ribbon should now be parallel to the orignial X. Make sure the ribbon is pulled right
-If you use piece of plywood, staple the ribbon down everywhere the ribbon creates an X and hot glue a button on each section. If you are using a canvas sew the buttons onto each X and then you are done and can hang it in your house! I just used nails to hang the canvas but with a plywood I am unsure of how to hang it (which is why I didn't do it).

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Bo and Sarah said...

Cool Jennie - can't wait to see it filled up!