Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camping cake

I recently made this cake for my husbands co-worker's birthday. He loves to go hiking and camping and after looking at some pictures from for inspiration I made the cake. It is a yellow cake with strawberry filling and covered in fondant.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wedding cake

Here is my first wedding cake. I made this as a gift for my brother. I forgot my camera at home, so these are from my phone but will post some better photos in the future. The entire cake is yellow cake and on the bottom layer it is filled with homemade strawberry jam and the top two layers are filled with chocolate ganache. It is then covered in fondant and the gerber daises are also made of fondant.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Homemade jam and canned peaches

My in-laws recently brought me a lot of peaches, so I had to think of different things to do with them. For the first batch of peaches they brought me I made baby food and a peach pie for my mother in-laws birthday. I got the recipe from here. Whenever I make fruit pies I love to look for recipes with almond extract in it and I loved how this pie turned out.

For the second batch of peaches I decided to make homemade jam for my very first time. I have been wanting to do it for quite sometime and just decided to go for it. It was easier than I thought. I just followed the directions in the sur-gel box. Since the first time I made jam was relatively easy I decided to make some strawberry jam for the filling of my brothers wedding cake.

With the last batch of peaches they brought me I decided to can the peaches. I followed the directions from this blog here.

(there should have been more jam but I gave away quite a few jars before I took the picture)

I love figuring out things to make with different produce. A few months ago when my in-laws brought me bags of cherries I made a pie, a cobbler and a crisp and stil had some too spare! The next thing I hope to attempt to make is to can pizza sauce!