Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apron and Chef's Hat

I stumbled upon this blog one day and fell in love with their adorable creations, especially the apron and chefs hat tutorial that they got from this blog I knew it would make the perfect birthday gift for my daughter and eventually my son (who must have everything his sister has). It is very easy to make. I made the hat and apron in one night! I didn't put in the D-rings on the neck strap because I didn't have any at the time but I might go back and do it later on because it is a little too big around the neck for her. I also did not put a piece of cloth on the back. I didn't really see a need to do it but it does look nicer if you do. One other thing that I did differently is that I did a zigzag stitch (sorry if I am not using the correct terms, I am new at sewing) to attach all of the straps and did it back and forth a few times to make sure that it was secure.
Tutorial for the apron
Tutorial for the Chef's hat

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No sew tutu

Recently I saw some tutorials for a no-sew tutu and knew I had to make one for my daughter. There are a variety of tutorials out there but I really liked this one from, mainly because it showed how to tie the knot that I decided to do. In the other tutorials they do a square knot. Another great tutorial is from This one goes into a little more detail with the instructions, measurements and what to buy. This is very easy to make and makes a great gift.

This first one I made for my daughter's friend who just had a birthday

This next one I made for my daughters birthday. It is sort of hard to tell but it is brown and pink. It looks a little more messy than the other one because I have had the fabric for a long time and it became a little wrinkled.