Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Jars

I love making crafts with my kids. Last year we did the wood pumpkins foundhere and this years I decided to make pumpkins out of glass jars. I found this idea in the latest Taste of Home magazine and knew my kids would love them. It is a very easy craft to do. First cut your tissue paper into strips. Next paint mod podge (or some other kind of glue) over a glass jar and place the strips vertical before the mod podge drys. Continue to do this until the jar is covered. Once it is dry cut out different face shapes for the pumpkins out of black construction paper and glue to place the pieces on the jars. Decorate with ribbon. My kids loved doing this and I thought they did a great job. My middle child who is 2 needed a little help but my oldest who is 4 could do almost all of it alone.

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