Friday, November 19, 2010

Hooded Towels

I've been working on Christmas presents and my gifts to my neices and nephews are hooded towels.  They are super cute and very easy to put together.

I tried to get my son to model his cousin's towel, but he wouldn't stand up... I guess he's used to the routine of when you're wrapped in a towel its time to lay down so we can put on the diaper. :)

What you'll need:

1 bath towel
1 hand towel
sewing machine
I got my towels off of  They had packs of two towels, two hand towels, and two washclothes for $10.  Later I also found some towels off of when they were having a sale and got 2 towels for $2.50 each.  Then I just added 1 matching hand towel to my order.  (FYI: Towels will be $1.97 each at Walmart on Black Friday!)

What to do:

First you are going to take your hand towel and cut it in half.  (One hand towel will make two hoods.)

I have a fancy embroidery machine, so I added some stabilizer where I was going to embroider the name of the child I was making the towel for.  If you don't have an embroidery machine, you could always get some no-pill felt or some other sort of fabric and make a design on it (IE: Flower, Rubber Ducky, etc.)

Then I stitched out the name.

Once you are done adding a name or decal, turn the hand towel wrong side out and pin the raw edges together.

Then sew the raw edges together.

Next stitch a curved line to make more of a hood shape or else, as my husband said, your towel will look like a klu klux klan hood.

Then cut the excess fabric above the curved stitch.

Turn your hood right side out and you've got your hood!

Next center your hood to the bath towel and pin.

Stitch the hood to the towel.  I used a zig sag stitch.

And you have your hooded towel!

I packaged these in gift baskets along with the washcloths, some bath toys, and bubble bath soaps!

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The Leonards said...

These are so cute! I bet they are going to love them!