Monday, September 26, 2011

Wooden Crates from Used Pallets

We recently moved into a new house and the master bathroom is awesome... other then no cabinets to hold all my stuff!  There is this one big shelf:

and since there is no door on that shelf everything looks messy!

Enter the pallet:

My Ace Hardware gives these little babies to me FREE!  They are certainly not in great shape, but I am usually able salvage some boards from it and I'm really into the "vintage" (or as my husband calls it - junky) look.

So while the kids were playing in the yard, I started hammering together some boards.  The boards weren't exactly even, so I had to do some trimming.

But I came to realize one of the best parts of this project, is it doesn't need to look that great.  It's vintage, remember?

Even my son got invovled.

Then just slap on some clear coat wood sealer, drill some holes and attach a vintage looking rope (my husband said the rope looked like it had been dragged through manure - I really just got it at Ace Hardware for $0.59 a foot.  He REALLY doesn't get this whole vintage thing.)

Then I slipped them onto the shelf and filled them with goodies!

It does look a little rough, but I like it.  And it cost me next to nothing!  If anything, they'll get me by until I can come up with something else.

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