Monday, October 31, 2011

Train Costume

I decided to let my son choose his costume this year instead of picking one for him.  We asked him over the period of a week about what he wanted to be and at first he said he wanted to be his daddy, but then he decided he wanted to be a blue train and he was stuck on that idea.  So we got to work!

I gathered a few diaper boxes and we started cutting and gluing parts together.

Then we went to Ben Franklin in search of something that we could use for the round part in the front.  In their craft section they had two empty spools which usually have ribbon wrapped around them.  I asked if I could have or purchase them and they gave them to me - YES!  So I glued the two spools together and then glued them to the front of the train.

Then I just got a piece of plain construction paper and covered the spools.

Next we were ready to paint!

After the paint was dry I got some paper plates and spray painted them silver as well as a few decals for the train which I then glued securely.

And I had one happy boy!

We ended up going to the hardware store and finding a metal funnel for the pipe.  I also inserted a small plastic bottle underneath it, because the plan was to get some dry ice and have a real looking steam engine, but apparently our town doesn't carry dry ice!  Darn!  Just imagine it looking even cooler.

We were able to stick a headlamp to the front of the train though, so at least he had a light.

And the little brother was a Railroad Crossing sign!  I just took a black onesie, and sewed a white "X" to the front and painted the letters on.  I then cut off one of the sleeves and replaced it with a white one and then wrapped that with some red fabric.  Over all these were pretty easy costumes to make and we got a lot of compliments!

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Crafty Mommy Diva said...

Super cool! Great job! Love brother's coordinating outfit =)