Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cheap Halloween decorations

I love decorating for Halloween. I have a few decorations that came from the store (my mother in-law has spoiled me by buying me a few over the years and even loaning me some of her favorites) but some of my decorations are homemade. These homemade decorations are easy to make and very inexpensive:) These pictures are from last year since I haven't gotten around to decorating yet but I will soon. All of these ideas came from Here are a few of the decorations I chose to make last year:

Paper Bats! Here is the link:
I didn't get around to doing the large bats but I might next year.

Paper mice and cobwebs! Sorry the mice are a little hard to see in this picture. I thought that they were adorable (in a scary way of course) and I loved putting them all over the house. As much as I liked them the kids liked them more than I did:) Here is the link for the mice silhouettes:

Also, if you didn't notice I have a lot of cobwebs hung up around the fireplace. I know they can come off a little tacky but I really like the cobwebs and I think it adds a nice touch to the decorations.

I LOVE these flyaway giveaways. They are easy to make and are a great way to give someone some cookies or candy as a Halloween gift.

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