Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food Storage Analyzer

For the past year my family has been doing our best to try and build up our food storage. We started stocking up on items from different sales in our local grocery stores and buying from our local cannery. However, there were some items that we could not find, such as egg powder. So, I was told about this website They have a variety of different food and emergency supplies that are important for all families to have. Recently they sent me an e-mail to try there Food Storage Analyzer and review it and in return they would send out a $10 gift card. So, of course I did it. I found the analyzer easy to use and understand. I enjoyed looking through and calculating the items I have and what I need. There were a lot of items that I have stocked up on that were not included in the list but I figured that the items they chose were the basic things that all families need in order to make a decent, healthy meal. It was nice seeing how many days we could survive on the food we have in our food storage and the nutrition we would recieve. I highly recommend using this. Even if you are not interested in obtaining the gift card, it would be worth using in order to review your storage and calculate how much you have in supply, what items you are in need of and how much it would cost in order to buy the items that you need.

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Bo and Sarah said...

I got my gift card today! Now, what to buy...